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Yesterday we completed our first early release professional day of the year.  In my opinion the day got considerably better as we transitioned into the final two activities.

The day consisted of:

  • Faculty meeting in the auditorium
  • Protocol based discussion in mixed groups on the following essential question. What is the behavior that we as a staff can practice to improve school culture and model the values of RAISE for our students?
  • Google Docs training in mixed groups

I’m going to take a line out of the Peeling the Onion protocol in hopes of improving our structure for our professional development time.  The following will be “Further questions this raises for me on how to improve our professional development time are…”

  • How do we setup participation in any faculty-meeting portion of PD time to include sharing of practice from teachers?
  • How do we consistently make good use of our very important time together and focus that time on improving our practice?
  • How do we have a positive tone in our meetings?
  • How do we move as a school community to a culture where we consistently use phrases like “we”, “us”, “together” and not “I” “the teachers”, “the administration”, “the students”….etc?
  • How do we incorporate the use of google docs into our practice to minimize the email and photocopying and to improve collaboration and sharing?
  • How do we continue to stress to everyone the importance of assuming good intentions?

A few additional thoughts:

  • The protocol-based discussion was great.
    • The Peeling the Onion protocol was difficult for me but allowed us as group to participate equally and learn from each other.
    • I love the use of protocols that require us to focus on what is essential.
    • A skilled facilitator that works to keep the group on task is essential to us continuing to grow as professionals.
    • We have a staff that has a number of great ideas and suggestions but at times we allow that to consume our conversations and forget to supply the necessary focus on the topic at hand.  The protocol with a skilled facilitator helps to keep us on track!
  • Our google docs facilitator, Paul Myette had a wonderful tone and answered everyone’s questions.   He was great in teaching professionals with various levels of understanding.
  • I learned how to create groups and contacts.  I also learned how to create and share different applications within google.
  • I’m excited to use google docs for feedback from professional development time and to create an environment where we can all share our practice with each other.

Till next time.