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As leadership groups we are continuing to work together to become higher functioning teams.  We are going through some needed and expected growing pains.  We are finding out many things about the way we used to behave and the assumptions that we made in the past.  Committing to the cycle of continuous improvement is highlighting some of our weaker areas from the past.  We are working as teams to break through that wall.

Essentially we have created two new leadership teams at NAHS.  We are meeting weekly as an administration team and as a leadership team.  The leadership team includes the administration team and our department chairs.  In the past as an administrative team, we very rarely met formally with focused ground rules.  I am finding that our commitment to the cycle of continuous improvement has allowed us to plan, communicate, and have a shared vision for our professional development.  However, because we are functioning in a new way we are continuing to build our capacity on the PLC process, standards based education, and what it looks like at NAHS.  The leadership team is also functioning in a new way and being a larger team we need to really define our roles and expectations so that we have a shared message for our staff.  We struggle (which is a good thing) at times identifying what our dilemma is but I love the way we have worked together using protocols to build our capacity.

This past Thursday’s #atplc chat came at the right time for me.  We were going to meet as a leadership team to reflect on a Peeling the Onion protocol that we had done a few days earlier.  Following along the chat and reading through the summary at www.storify.com/solutiontree/capacity-building-atplc gave me clarity with some of the things we had discussed as a leadership team.

During the chat, a member shared that capacity building involves increasing the skills, knowledge, abilities and attitudes of your organization.  This helped put things in perspective for me because we have been doing this at NAHS.  There is so much to learn and attempt to do to increase the skills, knowledge, abilities and attitudes of our organization but we are using our structure and actually trying to do it.  The rest of the chat allowed me to read from others around the country/world and get ideas on how to build capacity.  We do need to utilize the experts in our building and allow them an opportunity to share and model to build our collective capacity.  We do need to celebrate our successes.  We do need to define our expectations, continue to try new things and build our trust in each other.

I shared the chat summary with our leadership team.  .  I hope they take the time to read it and that it helps to build their capacity. We will continue to improve as long as we as leadership and administrative teams are committed to learning and building our collective capacities.  We have to be responsible, have a high expectation and hold ourselves accountable.  I look forward to the challenge.