I needed to take a brief moment to recognize the North Andover High School Class of 2013.  Our graduating seniors have been a stabilizing force for the high school.  The senior leadership of all clubs, activities and athletics worked together with the underclassmen to compete at a high level, while showing respect for everyone and having fun.

I have been fortunate enough to see our music program soar to new heights.  Our drama program has continued to gain acclaim.  The athletic program has burst into the MVC and shown the community that we will compete with our neighboring schools at an extremely high level.  Our DECA program has increased in participation and has won an increased amount of awards.  The list could go on and on.  All of this has happened with consistent and dedicated leadership from members of the Class of 2013.

My memory of this year is that it became cool again to have fun at school.  There was no senior privilege and the Class of 2013 didn’t let that bother them.   The students decided to make a change.  Abby Murphy, Emma McQuade and other student council members became visible to students and worked to communicate with each other and the staff at NAHS.  Our student ambassadors continued to lead transition efforts with NAMS and they worked to create more opportunities with students in our district.  We played dodge ball, used chalk on the sidewalk, raised money for charities and most importantly we did it together.

I am a big fan of athletics and unfortunately did not make it to as many games as I used to.  However, I did get to see many of our teams, led by seniors have a great deal of success this year.  My 6-year old son, Jake got to see the boy’s and girl’s basketball teams led by two of his favorite players, Derek Collins and Morgan Lumb have great seasons.  One of favorite memories of this year was the return of our student section at events.  There was a nice article written in the Boston Globe that featured Jake MacLean and the Crosier Crazies.  I watched Dan Callagy work to organize fan buses to games in the fall and winter so that his classmates could have a safe ride to games.  He even tried to leave without us once…….For the most part, the cheers were respectful and focused on supporting our team in a positive way.  Students made positive choices and had fun while doing it.

I look forward to watching the senior class officers continue to work with Mr. Nugent and Mrs. Rasanen over the next few days.  They are a great group and deserve a wonderful prom and graduation for themselves and their classmates.  Please make sure you take several minutes to enjoy what you have helped to build.

I would like to thank the Class of 2013 for leaving a positive impact on the community and for making me smile when I think of you.